Friday, December 14, 2007

let it snow...NOT

Because of the snowstorm yesterday I decided to be "safe" I would use the Boston system as there was no way I wanted to be without shelter Thursday night.

I should have slept at Hotel Bank of America.......

I got to the intake early in the afternoon and it was a complete madhouse. Even the most hardened streetperson knew to come in last night. I was finally processed and given a ticket and told to wait for the next bus....and then the fun began.

Standing outside as the snow came down waiting and waiting for a bus to arrive. Finally one appears after 90 minutes one arrives and the driver does not want to go back out again. Finally he was ordered to do so and 70-80 people crammed into a bus that seats maybe 40. I was not lucky enough to get seat and frankly the bus reeked.

The shelter we were assigned to is in the middle of Boston Harbor and you have to go to Quincy to get to the bridge. What should have been a 30-45 minute trip lasted almost 5 hours. I have never seen gridlock like this in Boston since the 78 blizzard.

I'm still not feeling that great and standing in the snow for 90 minutes isn't going to be good for me and by the time we got to Long Island I was starved and my legs were hurting after standing all that time.

The shelter itself was pure bedlam as many staffers could not get there. I think I got about an hour of sleep at most.

Tonight I will try for a late bed at Harvard and if that doesn't pan out I can stay with my friend as it is a weekend. Most important come tomorrow I can re-apply for a 14 day bed that would get me through Christmas.

Please don't think I am whining but frankly I am worn out.

There was another contribution yesterday so the goal is getting closer. Thank you again.

Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow to email those that have been so kind.

More tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

I kept thinking about you (and all the other homeless out there) when I was out in the snow last night.

I'm glad you did manage to get a place to stay. My body could barely deal with having a quick snowball fight. I can only imagine what it would have been like to stay out there all night.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I was thinking about you when the snow came. I saw on LJ that you got the 14 day bed, which I'm also glad to hear. Hang in there, friend.

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