Thursday, December 13, 2007

update 12/13

I haven't had the chance to post the past couple of days.

Tuesday morning I could not stop coughing so I went to Mt Auburn Hospital and they wound up keeping me for 2 nights. They took a chest x-ray and found some bronchitis and they decided to give me some IV for 36 hours....lovely.

I'm feeling better now.

I am thrilled that the goal of a laptop for my son for Christmas is in reach thanks to the generosity of people reading the blog. It humbles me.

Tonight I have to bite the bullet and try for a bed in a Boston shelter. I can't afford to wait for a one night bed at Harvard as you can not call for one until 9:30 and from all accounts the weather tonight will be nasty.

I made all my calls for the places I am waiting for but still no luck.

More later.

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