Thursday, December 20, 2007

12/20: Looks like it will be a 'white christmas'

The way things are going it maybe a 'white' Patriot's Day. Enough already.

Mt Auburn gave me a prescription for a cough suppressant which seems to have helped some. More important the chest x-ray didn't show anything major.

2 more donated computers arrived last night at the shelter....I am thrilled I played a small part in that. The students may need some help getting them connected to the net. They have a DSL line from Verizon and a wireless router but my understanding is Macs can be tricky to set up.

The fund for my son's laptop is close......

Here is a recap of the donations
$60 1 CASH $60
all others by PayPal
$50 3 $150
$30 2 $60
$25 3 $75
$20 7 $140
$15 1 $15
$10 5 $50
$ 5 3 $15
$ 2 1 $2

PayPal fees $21.36

$ 545.64 Total

PayPal charges a small fee on all transactions done by credit card for example $20.00 becomes $19.12, $50 becomes $48.25. Echecks thay do not charge a fee.

So the dream is very close now. I hope to get it on Sunday or Monday. The PayPal account is on a debit card that they sent me so it would be like paying by credit card.

The model that I first saw 2 weeks ago at Staples is this one

The website has it listed at 699 but the store still has it at 599

In any event should the fund get a little higher I will get a little nice. I know Acer is the old Gateway but I also see an HP in reach.

I have seen prices a little lower on the net but the reason I want to use Staples is simply if there is a problem it will not be a hassle for my son;s mom to get it fixed as there is a Staples near her home. In any event I doubt Staples would sell anything that was not proven.

I can not even begin to express my gratitude to strangers that have helped. I wish you all the best holiday season ever and a much better 2008

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jamiesquared said...

there are some excellent prices right now on better models:

^ HP within price range

^HP widescreen

^^ better HP

^^ sony vaio